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We have our own body shop who are as passionate about client satisfaction as we are and able to help when the inevitable happens from minor scratches to insurance repairs we look after the process from start to finish with just one call.

We will prepare the estimate for you our customer taking necessary photographs and deal with your or the other parties insurance company direct and take the headache away from you allowing you to get on with your day and get you back on the road as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our estimates are free of charge and can be done at the Garage or at your premises, or alternatively send your images to Geoff Pearson at


Probably one of the best available and as if perfected by magic instant removal of those dents which seem to appear from nowhere, whether it be from shopping trolley rage to bumper parking and even conker fallout, we can usually remove all those little defects quickly and painlessly, without anyone else even knowing.

Why not call and give us a try, or please feel free to drop in anytime.